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Flipped Learning in Language Teaching 2022

Reach Every Student



The goal of Flipped Learning (FL) is to reach every student every day in meaningful ways. This online workshop is for teachers who are familiar with FL or are new to it. Participants will also learn about In-Class Flip and SOFLA® (Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach).



Session Objectives

By the end of this session, participants will have

  • mastered the concepts underlying the flipped learning approach and how it differs from a flipped classroom.

  • seen examples of flipped learning in different contexts and at different levels of expertise when flipping (flipped classroom 101, flipped learning, in-class flip, etc.)

  • designed a plan for flipping a lesson using Flipped learning, In-Class Flip or SOFLA.

  • networked with other participants and shared flipped lesson plans and projects.

  • interacted with some of the leading international experts in the flipped learning movement during our weekly webcasts.


Target audience

 Target audience: This session is for both teachers that are completely new to flipped learning as well as teachers that are already flipping in K-12, higher education, and/or adult education, content based teachers, CLIL teachers. This session is for online and classroom educators, as well as course developers, curriculum coordinators, and program administrators.




Weekly Content


Week 1 (January 10 - 16 2022)

Introductions, Flipped Learning Basics, and Our Session Tools

This week we will focus on getting to know each other, your interest/experience in flipped learning, and learn about resources for this EVO session as well as in the professional literature of flipped learning. Here's what we'd like you to do…

  • Join our Session -- this link will take you to a Google form where we’ll ask your name, email address, and some questions about your familiarity with Flipped Learning.

    • We’ll use this information to send you an invitation to Canvas, the learning management system we’re using for this session. (Alternatively, you can email us your name and email address and we’ll sign you up.)

  • Once you get an invitation to join our session on Canvas, please respond to it. After creating an account, you'll be able to access all of our session content, including discussions, weekly tasks, questions for reflection, and resources such as links to our Sunday live sessions.

  • Read the FLN definition of Flipped Learning and the Checklist of Indicators.

  • SOFLA® (Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach) by watching a video

  • Explore the reasons and justification of the flipped learning approach.

  • Reflect on the connection between growth mindset and flipped learning.

  • Task of the Week: Introduce yourself to the group with a comic


Week 2  (January 17 - 23 2022)

Pillar F: Flexible Environment

How our teaching flexibility can involve all of our students’ voices?

Review lesson plans and analyze using a rubric

During this week, participants will...

  • Reflect on the pillar of Flexible Environment. What opportunities and limitations for flexibility does flipped learning create in your context?

  • Inform and share what aspects of teaching practices changed during COVID-19 and post COVID-19

  • Identify empowerment (Innovator’s Mindset) as an important element within a flexible environment

  • What is the best use of precious face-to-face class time?

  • Discuss ways to give students a variety of opportunities for showing content mastery within the FL environment.

  • Review lesson planning alternatives when flipping your lessons.

  • Review the eight steps used in SOFLA® as well as some tenants from In-Class Flip

  • To identify elements borrowed from differentiation and how they can be tailored and adapted to different levels and styles of learning.




Week 3   (January 24 - 30 2022)

Pillar L: Learning Culture

Creating Flipped Learning Lessons

During this week, participants will…

  • Reflect on the Learning Culture pillar.

    • How flipped learning framework changes the teacher and learners' roles?

    • How has pandemic and societal changes challenged teachers and students to readapt themselves to teach and learn in a new context?

  • Examine Flipped Learning model lesson plans from moderators or other sources, and analyze them using the Flipped Learning Indicators.

  • Discuss how to implement Bloom's taxonomy verbs into the design of a flipped lesson plan.

  • Identify the most important elements from ongoing formative assessment

  • Create an activity which  activity in that serves 3 purposes: a Sign in Activity in SOFLA, a Stand-Alone in Inc-Class Flip or also an In-Class time (Group space) starting activity 


Week 4  (January 31 - February 6 2022 )

Pillar I: Intentional Content

What to flip? Determine the best content to flip

During this week, participants will…

  • Reflect on the pillar of Intentional Content and identify an area for flipping your teaching

  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of creation versus curation of content

  • Reflect on your students’ needs for the content provided in the individual learning space.

  •  Learn about  SOFLA steps 3:Whole Group Application; 4:Breakouts; 5: Share-Out 

  • Reflect and decide on the types of activities to be carried out in the group learning space as a continuation of those planned for the individual space. 

  • Stablish some clear differences and relationships between FL, SOFLA and In class-Flip: Which one could fit into your needs? 

  • Discuss the use of Bloom’s taxonomy in flipped learning.  


Week 5  (Feb 7-Feb 14, 2021)

Pillar P: Professional Educator

Reflect on how Flipped Learning can help you grow as a professional practitioner

During this week, participants will…

  • Reflect on changes in their perspectives on the role of teachers and learners.

  • Connect with other participants and make plans to collaborate on flipped lessons & projects.

  • Learn about SOFLA steps (6) Preview and Discovery; (7) Assignment Instructions; (8) Reflection. 

  • Discuss opportunities to continue enriching the flipped learning experience by collaborating with others via existing networks, conferences, blogs, and Twitter accounts.

  • Reflect on the standards of flipped learning as a way to improve practice and constantly self-evaluate. 

  • Evaluate the session using the official EVO form provided for this purpose.

  • Choose among FL, In-Class Flip or SOFLA to design a lesson using one of the templates.





Other Technology Tools

  • Video Creation and Editing:Screencast-o-matic, ScreenFlow, Camtasia,H5P, Explain Everything (iOS), Quicktime; Screencast.com with Camtasia or Snagit, or Sophia.org for video storage and playing and more; and innovative uses of slideshow software, like Powerpoint and Keynote

  • Response systems: Menti, Go formative, Kahoot, Socrative, Polldaddy, Padlet, Thinglink, Nearpod, Piktochart, learningapps.org.

  • Twitter (#FLEVO2022): Just in case you want to spread the word


Potential Sponsors


  • Program Administrators

  • Teacher Education

  • Video and Digital Media

  • Screencast-o-matic



Join this session!

The action starts on Jan 9th, 2022.

But you can start exploring our pre-session activities as of January 2nd, 2022 


1. Use this Google Form to register in this  five-week workshop: https://forms.gle/9EmuNNVfJL78kGKEA

2. Wait for your invitation from canvas.instructure.com

3. Create an account and join our session at: https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/FLDKR4


Primary Contact: 

Diana Katherine Salazar dianaksalazar21@gmail.com


Our Moderators


Esteemed Emeritus Moderators


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